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After 18 months in the loneliest depths of outer space, an astronaut stoically performs his mission duties in spite of the fact that he lost his crew. He’s also lost contact with ground control. In fact, he fears he’s lost his mind. But just when he’s lost all hope, he finds an unlikely friend who brings an unexpected opportunity for salvation.


Dani Kind

Mike Rinaldi & Andrew McNee

Mike Rinaldi

Ben Robinson & Claire Desmarais

Mike Rinaldi & Andrew McNee

Nina Djacic

Hope Little

Jacqueline Leon

Patrick Watson

Heidi Frontel

Katherine Green

Meet The Filmmakers

In some of my darkest moments, I have burst out laughing at the cosmic joke of life. That’s why the tragi-comedy balance in this story is so beautiful. Dark themes bubble beneath the playful innocence of the characters and the setting with a deadpan-pathos that bring to mind Wes Anderson, Michel Gondry, SpikeJonze, Jaques Tati, Roy Andersson, Noah Baumbach, Buster Keaton, and Charlie Chaplin. In the end, I believe that filmmaking is simply about making people feel less alone in the dark - and I hope that is what this film does.

DirectorDani Kind

Director/Executive Producer

Dani Kind

Dani Kind is a Canadian director with a distinctive vision that finds light in the darkest corners of life. Kind’s work resonates with audiences by capturing the complexities of the human experience. Her unique perspective on life’s highs and lows became the driving force behind her cinematic pursuits. She burst onto the filmmaking scene with her debut short film, “Capsule.” The film garnered noteworthy buzz for its exploration of the human psyche in confined spaces. Through an ingenious blend of suspense and dark comedy, Kind showcased her knack for delving into the intricacies of the human mind. In 2022, Kind made a significant mark in the television landscape with her directorial contributions to the hit network TV show “Workin’ Moms.” She continued her artistic journey with a captivating short film titled “Debra,” produced under the prestigious Canadian Film Centre. The film exemplifies her commitment to telling authentic stories, with a particular focus on the human capacity for resilience and self-discovery. As a director, Dani Kind is renowned for her ability to illuminate the human experience in unexpected ways. Her films and TV work resonate with audiences due to the authentic portrayal of characters grappling with life’s complexities. Kind’s unique touch lies in creating narratives that balance the weight of reality with moments of genuine humor. Her commitment to pushing boundaries and challenging conventional narratives has solidified her reputation as a visionary director on the rise.

Writer/Producer/Lead Actor

Mike Rinaldi

Mike Rinaldi is an award-winning actor, playright, screenwriter, and sound designer. His play Toothpaste and Cigars (co-written with TJ Dawe) was adapted to the feature film The F Word starring Daniel Radcliffe, Zoe Kazan, Megan Park, and Adam Driver. He adapted CAPSULE from the highly acclaimed micro-play he co-wrote and performed with Andrew McNee. In the short film, Rinaldi takes audiences deeper into the confines of the capsule and the addled brain of the lonely astronaut trapped inside.


Ben Robinson

Ben Robinson is a seasoned producer and Head of Production at The Deli, a leading ​​content production house for advertisers, agencies and brands. He has produced over 10 short films which have been seen by film festival audiences around the world, and hundreds of commercials for some of the most recognizable brands.


Claire Desmarais

Claire Desmarais is a creative producer based in Toronto, Ontario. Her career in entertainment spans over a decade across the screen and stage, from producing for film, television, and live entertainment with Live Nation, to comedy writing with The Second City, to working as an Assistant Director with the Director’s Guild. She is an alum of the Canadian Film Centre Norman Jewison Film Program, the country’s leading incubator for the next generation of creative professionals and industry leaders.

Director of Photography

Nina Djacic

Nina Djacic’s work includes feature films, commercials and music videos. She recently lensed two features back to back. Her first feature “Let’s Get Merried” was produced by Eva Longoria / MTV Studios. Nina met Dani Kind while shooting Ally Pankiw’s upcoming feature film titled Brooke and Sam. Nina has shot commercials for clients such as Cadillac, L’oreal, Ikea, Coca Cola, Starbucks, Fujifilm, and Pinterest to name a few. She is an associate member of the Canadian Society of Cinematographers and represented by SESLER.

Capsule Short Film Editor JACQUELINE LEON


Jacqueline Leon

Jacqueline is currently an editor at Married to Giants, an award-winning post production house in Toronto, Canada. Since completing her BA in Film Theory at York University, Jacqueline has jumped head-first into the field of post-production. From assisting alongside some of the best, to now, editor, her passion in finding the best way to bring a story to life is evident in her commercial, visual and documentary-style work.